CIRRUSTM HD-OCT 5000 with FastTrac

CIRRUS HD-OCT 5000 is configured with the highest resolution
visualization capabilities and sophisticated clinical applications such as
Advanced RPE analysis to track retinal pigment epithelial integrity and
Ganglion Cell Analysis to assess glaucomatous loss in the macula that
may not be evident in the peripapillary region. The new FastTracTM retinal
tracking reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient
throughput with a proprietary scan acquisition strategy, high speed 20 Hz
LSO camera, and single-pass alignment scanning. This feature enables
the highest resolution B-Scans to be captured in identical locations from
visit to visit providing precise assessment of change in targeted



Lenstar provides highly accurate laser optic measurements for every
section of the eye −from the cornea to the retina− and is the first optical
biometer on the market that can measure the thickness of the crystalline
lens. With its integrated Hill-RBF Method, Barrett and Olsen formula and
the optional Toric Planner featuring the Barrett Toric Calculator, Lenstar
provides the user with latest technology in IOL prediction for any patient.

3D OCT-2000 Spectral Domain OCT from Topcon Medical Systems

The Topcon 3D OCT-2000 System is the first Spectral Domain OCT system
to incorporate a high resolution fundus camera and a user friendly color
touch screen display in a compact, space saving design. The easy-to-use,
intuitive FastMapTM software enables dynamic viewing of the OCT data,
providing 3D, 2D and fundus images simultaneously. Pin-PointTM
Registration properly indicates the location of the OCT image within the
fundus image. In addition, the compare function allows users to view
serial exams in a comparison view and apply different analytical tools.
The seamless integration of the 3D OCT-2000 with Topcon's SynergyTM
Ophthalmic Data Management System provides true connectivity and

access to images anywhere, anytime.

Color liquid crystal display screen Measurement results and setting information are displayed on an easy-toview color screen. Faster measurement Measurement time is reduced 30%. (Comparison with a conventional TOPCON product) Incorporated rotary prism measuring system The rotary prism measurement system unique to TOPCON assures high measurement accuracy. Measurable minimum pupil diameter is 2.0mm, smallest in the world Pupils of aged people and people with long eyelashes can be measured easily. Enlarged measurement range of astigmatism Measurement range of astigmatism has been enlarged to C±10.00D (from C±8.00D with a conventional TOPCON product)

Advanced ultrasound contact biometry system; it provides, fast and effectively, precise measurements of the axial length in patients with dense cataract in order to calculate the strength of the intraocular lenses. It offers an ultrasound pachymetry system to define the corneal thickness and is applied in refractive surgery and corneal disorders.

Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8800
Axis II Ultrasound Biometry and Pachymetry
Humphrey Field Analyzer – HFA II-i Series

Advanced diagnosis and analysis with comprehensive connectivity options Validated by more than 25 years of research, design and clinical experience, the Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA™) is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management. With over 65,000 installed units worldwide, the HFA is the premier automated visual field analyzer.